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Ocean Affairs Council

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Deputy minister, Chou Mei-wu

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Vice Chairperson ,Chou Mei-wu
Deputy minister
Chou Mei-wu
  • PhD, Graduate Institute of East Asia Studies, NCCU
  • 2000 War College, NWC
  • 1995 MISM,US
  • 1993 Naval Command and Staff College, NDU
  • 1989 Navel Technical School
  • 1980 BS, ROC Naval Academy
  • Deputy minister of the Ocean Affairs Council and adjunct director-general of the Coast Guard Administration.
  • Special Correspondent in DC, National Security Bureau
  • Deputy Director, National Security Bureau, NSB
  • Deputy Director, Co-Vice President of National Defense University Commandant
  • Commandant, RADM, NDU
  • Inspector-General, Inspection Office
  • Director, Combat System Division
  • Commander, 168th Fleet
  • Director, Naval General Service Command
  • Director, Naval Communications System Command
  • Commanding Officer,FFG-937, 168th Fleet
  • Division Chief, Antisubmarine Warfare(ASW)
  • Commanding Officer, LSM 341, LCC-1,ROC Navy
  • Section Chief, General of Navy Command Headquarters, ROC Navy
Unit:Department of Personnel
  • Visitor: 1180
  • Update: 2022-11-07
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Ocean Affairs Council