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Publication of Government Information Links
1.The information shall be made available to the public actively as follows, except for the information referred to in Article 18 that is restricted from making available to the public or provision: 1. Treaties, diplomatic documents, laws, Emergency Orders, regulations and orders which are made in accordance with the Central Regulatory Standardization Law, and local autonomous laws and regulations. Laws
2.The interpretary orders and discretionary standards made by government agencies for helping the inferior government agencies or the subordinates to interpret the laws consistently, find the facts, and exercise the discretionary power. No data.
3.The structures, duties, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites and e-mail addresses of government agencies. About OAC>Organization
About OAC>Location
Contact US
4.Documents about administrative guidance. Docment
5.Administrative plans, statistics and research reports. Important Measures > Administrative Plan
6.Budgets and audits. No data.
7.The results of petitions and the decisions of administrative appeals. No data.
8.Documents related to public works and procurements. Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan
9.Subsidies that are paid or accepted. No data.
10.Meeting records of the agencies based on a collegiate system. No data.
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