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Research Report

Content Area
Research on the Arctic Ocean Ecology, Resource, and Regional Peace and the Encountered Challenges and Possible Actions of Taiwan
Unit:Department of Planning

一、Due to global warming, the melting ice layer area of the Arctic Ocean continued to grow in 2019. More and more ships can navigate through the Arctic ocean without the assistance of an icebreaker. The North Pole once again becomes an important region with regards to global politics, economy, military and diplomacy. Even countries away from the Arctic Circle, such as China, Japan, Korea, India, UK, Germany, and France, also participate in various actions in the North Pole, making it the new stage for competition among countries. The ecological environment, regional resource development, navigation safety and aboriginal protection of the North Pole have also gradually become major issues around the world. Thus, Taiwan shall evaluate various challenges and draft specific response programs and the national Arctic Strategy in advance to strive for maximum national interests.

二、Focusing on the resource environment and strategic safety aspects of the Arctic Ocean, the plan not only collects and analyzes information but also organizes opinions from academic experts to draft suggestions related to the policies as an execution reference for the promotion of the Ocean Affairs Council. The contents of this project mainly include: (1) researching and analyzing the origin and development related to issues of the Arctic Ocean; (2) collecting and comparing the latest dynamics between different countries in the Arctic Ocean; (3) holding 4 workshops related to issues of the Arctic Ocean to gather viewpoints from academic experts; (4) exploring the impact of the situation in the Arctic Ocean on Taiwan and drafting practical policies for implementation; (5) providing suggestions focusing on relevant strategy and research in the future.

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