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Research Report

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Research on EU’s Legal System regarding Ocean Energy
Unit:Department of Planning

一、The Ocean Basic Act announced and promulgated on 20 November 2019 requires the Government to coordinate and integrate the maritime powers and responsibilities of each competent authority and jointly promote marine affairs. Also, the Government shall release a national ocean policy white paper within one year after the implementation of the Act. To establish and plan the domestic ocean development policies, it is necessary to understand the regulations of other countries concerning ocean energy.

二、 Given the international trend of renewable ocean energy, R.O.C. (Taiwan) should not ignore the development of ocean energy as a maritime country. Considering the fact that the EU is an important technology output region in the present renewable energy market, R.O.C. (Taiwan) should refer to the important “Blue Energy Action needed to deliver on the potential of ocean energy in European seas and oceans by 2020 and beyond” established by the EU.

三、 The research will collect materials and analyze R.O.C. (Taiwan)’s legal system concerning ocean energy, including the development, legal system status and obstacles. Ocean energy development policies, legal system and future amendments of relevant laws of the EU will be analyzed in the research as well. Dissimilarities concerning these dimensions mentioned above between R.O.C. (Taiwan) and the EU will be examined and compared. By material collection, literature review and expert forum, the policy value of the EU ocean energy policy will be explored and suggestions will be made for the legal system planning and reforms regarding R.O.C. (Taiwan)’s ocean energy.

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