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Research Report

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Research on the Artificial Intelligence application in maritime industry management and early warning system
Unit:Department of Marine Resources

To protect the life and property of humans and maintain the marine environment, the research establishes the intelligent management mode for the marine industry, such as constructing small vessels for navigation to avoid collision, using AI to monitor aquaculture objects or finding lost fishing tackles to avoid polluting the marine environment. We expect to establish a set of intelligent marine management models that complies with the “blue economy” and reduces the cost and risk of the marine industry management while reaching the goal of marine environment protection as a reference for the nation to apply AI to the marine industry management mode in the future.

Contents of research:
1. Establish an application platform for marine industry messages.
2. Establish an early warning system for the marine industry to avoid losses.
3. Establish AI to introduce research cases regarding the marine industry management as a reference mode for the marine industry management.

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  • Update: 2020-12-18
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