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Research Report

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Mid- and long-term administration research of the underwater cultural heritage and education for sustainability
Unit:Department of Science & Technology Education

The current issues of the marine education administration include the ignorance in marine education, the difficulty of blending marine education with the living and the gap between talent cultivation and industrial needs. To reduce the difference in the current issues and the administrative as well as further promote the administrative contents in divided stages, the Ocean Affairs Council conducted the project named the 2020 “Mid- and long-term administration research of the diversified marine culture and education for sustainability” based on the basic structure of 2019 “Advance plan for the diversified marine culture and mid- and long-term education development plan.” In the literature review and research analysis, the Council discovered the current issues of the marine education promoted presently and further planned the strategies for the administrative plan with different stages (years) as the administrative reference for the integrated planning, negotiation and promotion of marine education. To integrate with the social dynamics, the project also plans to promote the annual issues in the following aspects: integration of the fishing village (port) culture and place-making through local creativity and design, guidance of colleges to establish marine clubs and promotions for the understanding of underwater cultural heritage.

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  • Update: 2020-12-18
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