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Policy of integrity

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AAC is in charge of formulating the mission for anti-corruption, corruption prevention and corruption investigation. In aspect of anti-corruption, for the purpose of correctly introducing the damage of corruption to the populace, the agency supervise the ethics organization for expanding the social participation in anti-corruption, and promote the conception of governments' incorrupt and ethics to communities and schools. Comprehensively promote anti-corruption works, trying to make a stable educational foundation. In aspect of corruption prevention, for the workable policy goals of understanding people suffering and making people stability, shall make effort to build a public official environment for Transparency and Accountability of government divisions, reducing the possibility of corruption to the lowest, promoting the trustable degree of government, and attaining more of authorization from populace for government. In aspect of corruption investigation, energetically investigate corruption, observe the justice of procedures, assuredly protect the human rights, and increasing the conviction rate.

1.Cutting down the corruption rate
  • Strengthening the works of anti-corruption and corruption prevention. Implement the incorrupt legal system to reduce corruption.
2.Increasing the conviction rate
  • Corruption-eradication work demands detailed investigation observing proper of procedures, and obtaining definite evidences.
3.Protecting human rights
  • Building serious investigative discipline, complying with work ethics when implementing your duty, don't perform it unjustly and don't connive.
  • Multiple marketing, building consensus, resource integration, international convergence.
2.Corruption prevention
  • Raising standards, risk identification, strengthening warning, energetically guiding rectification.
3.Corruption investigation
  • Taking advantage, promoting quality, strengthening investigation and confirmation, precise strikes.
C.Priority Work
1.Constructing the Act of anti-corruption
  • (1)Promoting the legal system operation of domestic law according to United Nations Convention against Corruption, and referring to the concept of National Integrity System (NIS) proposed by Transparency International Organization, practically implement the General Description on National Integrity Building Action Plan formulated on 2009.

  • (2)Proposals for formulating the law and regulations that ethics officer implement their duty, expressly provides and endues the duty that ethics officers implement works for institutions' internal control and corruption prevention. In addition, promoting institutions' executives and officers understand the function and service scope of ethics organization, and promote the existence value of ethics organization.

  • (3)Continuously training and assuredly implement Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants, Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest. Establishment and promoting "the Guidelines on Integrity and Ethics for Civil Servants" and "Directions of Lobbying Illegally Login Inspections of Executive Yuan and its Subordinate Organizations, practically implement recusal due to conflicts of interest.

  • (4)Utilize well about "Internal Conflict" of Anti-Corruption Act, the term for "Tainted Witness" of Witness Protection Act, and establish the draft of Whistle Blower Protection Act, strengthening comprehensive policy of corruption-eradication.
  • (1)Promote the mmeechanism of social participation, recruiuitting integrity volunteers, expeperiencing grassroots to interact and ccommunicate with populacee,, realizing what people is suffering,ng, spreading information of antanti-corruption and integrity, and strengtngthening the linkage and comommunication platform of cross-departmments.

  • (2)Combine betweween central government and local government, using video, acactivities, in addition, developing thehe promoting pipelines includiuding promoting integrity education mmaterials and others, pluralissttically promote the information of antanti-corruption and integrity to o civil servants,schools, enterprises and and populace.

  • (3)Holding integrgrity policy forum, symposium, colloquium, accumulating tthe energy of integrity research, establishing cooperation consonsensus in anti-corruption education fforor public and private organizzatations, in addition, continuously coopeooperating with non-governmeentntal organizations and experts and ssccholars from various field, togtogether establish the regulations off professional work, educating ng the concept of zero tolerance foror corruption, comprehensiveelly establish a anti-corruption environmonmeent.

  • (4)Implementing tthe concept of interdisciplinary inteegrating that Integrity Platfororm governs, making civil servants feeeel at ease in implementing their duty, and manufacturers ccaan maintain reasonable rightghts and interests. Populace obtains tthehe quality of public construcucttion, and government is good in supeupervising and auditing.

  • (5)Combine with ccomompetent authority for promoting ententerprise's faith and professionalonal ethics. By the opportunities off conference, training and sso on, build a communication plplatform and anti-corruption'on s's concept toward the enterprise mmanageanagers and executives.

  • (6)Engaging in resseearch of public opinion poll, establishihing ng a integrity indicator tools according to our national conditions, monitor the degree and change of corruption. Besides, continuously make progress of subsequent research for integrity indicator, completing indicator's data and information, and strengthening the practical value of indicator.

3.Corruption prevention
  • (1)Via operating platform of the Central Integrity Committee and institution's integrity report, review the integrity policy and significant measure. Inspect and discuss the mechanism of integrity policy. Besides, supervise the implemental conditions for integrity policy works to practically work every measure of cleanness and effectiveness.

  • (2)Strengthen the mechanism of integrity risk valuation, and combine with organization risk management's concept. For the high risk of person and events, shall practically implement ethics policy to accept and manage accusing, petition, supervising procurement, opinion poll, ethics visiting and so on, and strengthen the ability to collect, analyze and assess risk information.

  • (3)Strengthen main ability of ethics officers that implement promoting interests and corruption prevention, emerge out the value of setting ethics institution. Under the condition complied with regulations of law and procedure, report the integrity risk data to institution's executives at the proper time, and let executives realize and take steps before risk, developing the function of warning.

  • (4)Managing in project auditing of institution risk's business, or comprehensively implementing investigation for the corruption working already occurred, besides, to the same or familiar behaviors which occurred in criminal events or investigation appeared, shall develop the functions of multi-disciplinary, inviting scholars and experts, enterprises and competent authorities, to research and formulate the guideline of corruption prevention or presenting the proposal of rectification, positively to correct.

  • (5) Researching to promote the Integrity Evaluation institution, build a evaluation tools that fit for analyzing, valuation and monitoring the integrity uniformity of national administrative institutions, and combine with computer database to set integrity policy map.

4.Corruption investigation
  • (1)Set up 24 hours Integrity Hotline 0800-286-586, and appoint staff to respond within 48 hours.

  • (2)Strictly abide by the principle of integrity officer, and establish a good working discipline. It is strictly prohibited to invite someone into crimes or illegal evidence, and pay attention to protect the reputation of the person being investigated, to protect basic human rights.

  • (3)The Ministry of Justice has delegated talented prosecutors with exceptional performance to the ACC. The “resident prosecutors” command the agents in the AAC to conduct corruption investigations in a timely manner. With the Intelligence Review Committee and other Promote 24 hours Integrity Hotline 0800-286-586 mechanisms of criminal evidence and increase the efficiency and conviction rate when investigating corruption crimes.

  • (4)Utilize mechanism of “resident prosecutors”, combined with the agent’s “pre-investigation” model, making judicial investigation intervene in advance, controlling limitation and investigation further.

  • (5)Make high-level corruption crime and structural corruption crimes the main investigation direction, and encourage voluntary submissions.

  • (6)Introducing external supervision mechanism, set up an Clean Politics Advisory Committee, providing integrity policy consultation and evaluation. Continuously engage in review and supervision after the event, referring to the archives stored after investigation.

5.International Cooperation
  • (1)Continuously interact with foreign anti-corruption agencies, participating in the theme of international anti-corruption forum (meeting) and international training. Learn from other countries' success as a reference for our integrity policy management, then further create and reinforce cooperation with each other.

  • (2)Actively participate in international corruption-eradication relevant seminars, promoting skills for investigation of corruption crimes, follow the international corruption-eradication policy trend. Promote judiciary assistance internationally and cross-strait, and construct the equally interacted window, and strengthen the ability to fight criminal behavior abroad.

  • (3)Actively cultivate officers with integrity management and foreign language abilities, experienced in international integrity affairs, to be in close contact with international integrity organizations, establishing a good interaction mechanism, laying the foundation on which our country gradually joins international integrity or anti-corruption organizations.

6.Cultivate Comprehensive Officers Of Integrity Policy
  • (1)Strengthen the power of organization, investing sufficient resources to deal with integrity personnel's training, in order to enhance professional knowledge and to inspire potential. Cultivate comprehensive integrity officers, whose abilities are innovation, a macro-view and following the regulations with integrity.

  • (2)Develop exclusive educational materials, decide on indicators for training, the main training courses are theory and practice, supplemented by case studies in multivariate teaching, in addition, conducting for learning evaluation, completing education training

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