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Research Report

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Research on the impact of the South China Sea situation on national maritime security
Unit:Department of Maritime Security

一、The dispute over the South China Sea has often been considered as the signal for war in East Asia by international policy analyst. The main reasons are due to the sovereignty assertion dispute of the islands in the sea area, disputes regarding the overlapped demarcation of the territorial sea and exclusive economic zone and the following resource assertion generated thereof. Despite the fact that the dispute has attracted high attention from countries within or without the region, in terms of the dispute nature, the consideration for countries outside the region such as the United States to interfere in the South China Sea dispute is to extend or expand their interests. Therefore, to grasp and control the leverage, a few principles of law in relation to the ocean laws and regulations will inevitably become the tool for operation.

二、In recent years, the world is highly concerned about the situation of the South China Sea due to several important developments. It also became the key point for studies of international relations, politics and security, including the announcement of South China Sea Arbitration judgement in 2016, the Code of Conduct on the South China Sea (COC) and the maritime rights claimed continuously by the claimant countries surrounding the South China Sea. Moreover, the situation in the South China Sea became more tense due to the sudden military command of sending troops to occupy islands belonging to the Philippines from its President Rodrigo Duterte, who used to adopt a moderate policy toward China. These developments all threaten the national policy over the South China Sea and maritime security.

三、By closely grasping the changes in the situation of the South China Sea, understanding the South China Sea policies of the claimant countries and evaluating the impacts caused by the latest situation, the Ocean Affairs Council makes the above information as the important reference for the policy promotion to further secure national marine rights. These will be issues that must be confronted in the process of drafting the marine security strategy.

四、According to the basic analysis stated above, the research organizes and analyzes the current situation of the South China Sea from the aspects of international relations and international politics, international legal system and national practice. Also, by holding a domestic expert forum to grasp the policy position and development of each claimant country in the South China Sea dispute, we draft the national marine security strategy and responsive program and propose specific reform suggestions for the marine policy.

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  • Update: 2020-12-18
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